Spain to North America Content Marketing

Get your Spanish business seen and trusted by the Canadian market with culturally-aware content writing.

Clients Beyond Borders
How to connect across cultures?
 Your brand voice and web content must be tailored to the needs and mindset of consumers. What works in one country doesn't automatically translate to another. Plus, cultural faux pas can have serious consequences for your brand and even end your foray abroad. Intercultural communication skills are key.
How do you break in?
Breaking into a new country is an exciting opportunity to scale up your business. By serving a whole new set of customers, you can increase your impact on the world; and your bottom-line. But how do you connect across cultures and build trust?
Why Intrepid Emma?
As a dual citizen of Canada and the EU, with fluency in English and European Spanish, I've built bridges between these two countries since 2017. I help Spanish companies use SEO-friendly content to attract and connect with Canadians.

Connect with your market
in Canada

Intrepid Emma helps you understand your target
market across the pond. Create a tailored customer journey,
offer culturally sensitive and captivating web content,
and convert your new leads into sales.
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