English Editing Service

Do you speak English as a second language, but still have trouble with writing?

English is full of confusing spelling rules and stylistic norms, so don’t worry, that’s completely normal. However, universities, employers, and customers take every grammatical and stylistic error seriously when making a decision about you. The first impression you make in an email or application is critical. You may not even be considered unless your writing is good. And for that, good English editing is key.Intrepid Emma writing

My fully online, English Editing Service offers you support. I’m Emma Givens, a Canadian, native English speaker and writer. My specialty is editing any document you need revised naturally and with the right tone for your audience.

As a Canadian, I am able to provide editing for both Oxford (British) English and American English. I also provide extra support if you are entering the North American workforce or university system.

English Editing in Process

Some of the documents I’ve worked on:

  • Resumes
  • Website content
  • Cover letters
  • Academic CVs (curriculum vitae)
  • University statements of interest
  • Business proposals
  • Grant/scholarship application letters
  • And more…

How the English Editing Service works:

  1. Prepare a draft of your document.
  2. Send an email with that document to: info@intrepidemma.com. Include any instructions.
  3. After receiving your email, I will respond with a price quote based on:
    1. the word count of your document
    2. the amount of editing required
    3. the urgency of your request

That’s it! Please reach out to the email address info@intrepidemma.com if you have any questions about my English Editing Service.

NOTE: Spanish Editing and Language Classes

I can also put you in touch with my Spanish and Catalan editor, Anna Sorde i Martí. 

Photo of Anna Sorde i MartiAnna is the founder of eLanguages AcademyShe grew up in Castellvell del Camp, a small village near Reus, the hometown of the famous Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) architect, Antoni Gaudí. She is fluently bilingual in Spanish and Catalan, and she also has a wide knowledge of the command and structure of the English Language.

She went to live in Barcelona to study Education and a Master about “Application of New Technologies in Education,” both at the University of Barcelona. She worked as a teacher and an eLearning Specialist in Barcelona for 9 years.

Currently, she lives in Toronto where she teaches Spanish and Catalan as a foreign language. She has a wide experience teaching groups, in-class and private lessons as well as online.

Anna has 12 years of experience in the Education field. As a committed and professional teacher she is always eager to improve her lesson content, and topics. Therefore, she recently completed an eLearning Certificate at the University of Toronto which provided her more knowledge to keep improving her lessons and learning content.