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Discover the #1 strategy to drive traffic to your online business, in just 30-minutes a day (even if you’re just starting out and are strapped for time).

Blog Your Way to Visibility is a power packed set of tools and coaching I’ve used with my award-winning clients.


It’s established their expert image and driven web traffic with SEO to build a sought-after business in record time.

You’re a small business owner who’s got an awesome offer to sell online - but how do you get people to see it?

You posted it a few times on Instagram or Facebook but got no traction… even less than 10 likes and no purchases to speak of. I’ve seen it all before.


As a content marketing expert, I’ve taken entrepreneurs with nothing more than an idea to massive email lists and major deals. And that’s why I can help your business explode through blogging alone.


I've taken all the content marketing secrets I learned from top companies in North America and Spain (plus my own tricks of the trade) and distilled them into an easy-to-follow system for small business owners like you.


So YOU TOO can create success for your business online.

Blog Your Way to Visibility is for you if:


  • You need to take your in-person business online to keep it alive (and growing), but you're worried because your website, email list, and sales funnel are empty.


  • It’s like you’re invisible online - you don’t show up in Google searches when your ideal clients are trying to find the products you provide, and no one says “I found you through your website.” But SEO sounds complicated and is your biggest nightmare.


  • Every time you sit down to write a blog post, you draw a blank. You struggle through and next thing you know, hours have passed and whatever you did write does NOT do your brand justice! But who cares? No one’s reading it anyway.


  • You lie awake at night, afraid that your business is financially failing and you can’t support the future you want for yourself and your kids deserve.

Blog Your Way to Visibility is a 3 month, 1-on-1 coaching program. You'll walk away with a bigger online audience, a growing “expert” brand, and more online clients than ever before - without doing anything else!


Imagine that you...


  • Your business is gaining life online. Sales stream in, and your email list is growing because prospects see you, love you, and trust you through your blog.


  • You smile as you close your laptop early for the day to hang out with the kids. Your blog post went up in less than an hour and has just begun to market for you - and you don’t have to do anything else.


  • Clients are finding you because your blog post showed up in their Google results when they needed you most. SEO is your best friend and working on your side.


  • You have a growing expert image that positions you to pitch collaborations, sponsorships, speaking gigs, and podcast and TV interviews.


  • Financial success is in your future because your blog brings in prospects 24/7. Meanwhile, you have more quality time to spend with your family!


Until you learn how to get visibility online, your people will suffer because they can’t find you. You'll limit your income and influence in the world.


Your audience and client base will grow when you share a message that's accessible 24/7, drives new clients to your website, and makes an impact on the world. Your community is out there, eager and waiting to hear your voice in the timeless, written form.

Here’s why your blog is important for business:

Source: SEO Tribunal


  • Companies that blog have 55% more visitors to their websites.
  • Small businesses that blog see 126% more lead growth than the businesses that don’t.
  • 57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging.

Your audience and client base will grow when you share a blog that's accessible 24/7, drives new clients to your website, and makes an impact on the world. Your people are out there on the internet, eager and waiting to hear your voice and see how you can help them.

Time to meet your blog coach:


Hey, I’m Intrepid Emma!


I've been a published content writer since 2015. Today, I still write for big companies and appear in publications, but I dedicate most of my days to coaching business owners like you.

My signature blog coaching program, Blog Your Way to Visibility, is designed with the core principles of content marketing used by major brands. It offers a proven, week-by-week process to launch a blog that gets results and makes you proud.


Did I mention I’m certified in online learning? You're in good hands. Every coaching session and every template is imbued with Adult Learning strategies that'll empower you to easily create great content long after the program.


Here are a few of my FAVOURITE writing and coaching experiences:


  • Content writer for award-winning companies in both Canada and Spain
  • Google My Business project for 40+ locations
  • Marketing email series, Ebooks and opt-in offers
  • Blog startup and growth coaching for businesses

How does it work?

In Blog Your Way to Visibility, for 3 months, I'll coach you 1-on-1 so you have a bigger platform, an expert image, and raving fans that ask you to take them on as clients!


Here are the details of Blog Your Way to Visibility:


  • You'll walk away with at least 4 quality, SEO-friendly blog posts that build your expert image and increase web traffic!


  • Biweekly, 60-minute coaching calls (that’s a total of six private sessions!) for the 3 months of the program. We’ll build your blogging confidence and cover a new concept every week that’ll get you writing and ease content creation. 
    • Topics include: 
        • Content Strategy Essentials
        • Blog post structure
        • SEO best practices
        • Content repurposing
        • Newsletters
        • And more!


  • Personalized feedback on two new blog posts each month for Months 2 and 3 of the program.


  • Ongoing support so we can break through your mindset blocks, answer writing and creativity questions, and brainstorm on-the-go.



When you book during August 2020!


  • A “Brand Voice” kickoff call during your first week in the program! We’ll clarify your brand’s image and get into the mind (and words) of your ideal customer.


This call is normally a $150 value and SO powerful for your blog, website copy, and social media content!

You'll walk away from Blog Your Way to Visibility with a bigger platform, a growing expert brand, and more easily converting clients than ever before - without doing anything else!


Your Investment: $1999*


OR the monthly plan: only $699 per month! (For 3 months total.)

*in US dollars

They've said...

“Emma has been immensely impactful to my overall website and ability to launch faster. She helps make what you’ve already done a better (much better) version of itself. I highly recommend Emma - she’s an absolute expert in content marketing!”


- Polina Wilson, Career Coach and HR Expert for Businesses


“We’re so impressed with the amount of planning and preparation Emma does for our sessions. Not to mention all the brainstorming that goes into it all together. We feel so grateful she came into our lives right when we needed her.”


- Melanie  Burston, co-founder of Empowered 4 Growth


“Emma helps me say what I need to, in a way that represents me but will also resonate with the people I want to serve. Her coaching is empowering - I get to learn from my mistakes and apply it to future writing.”


- Dr. Tina Welsome, Dr. of Physical Therapy and Wellness Coach


The next step to sharing your message with the world starts here.


Here’s how to get your spot in Blog Your Way to Visibility:


Step 1: Book your free, no-obligation discovery call here. (Yay!)


Step 2: If we're a good fit, we'll book your spot in the program.


Step 3: You’ll get an inspiring Welcome Guide with instructions on booking our first call!


You’ve never been so ready - and your people need you more than ever before.


Have questions? Send me an email at


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